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Robert R. Foster, Esq., is a highly experienced family law attorney who has been serving the Deltona, FL, community for more than four decades. Our firm represents clients on a wide range of legal matters, including dissolution of marriage (divorce), parental rights, parenting plans, and modification of court orders. We also serve clients in DeBary, DeLand, Lake Helen, Orange City, and other surrounding Volusia County communities.

Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce is legally known as a 'dissolution of marriage' in Florida. Unlike many other states, Florida doesn't require grounds for divorce. Since divorce can be complicated, especially when there are minor children, bank accounts, home, car, and other marital assets, it is vital to consult with a family law attorney with a proven track record in settling divorce cases. If you are considering a divorce, give Attorney Robert R. Foster a call at (386) 734-8224 for a free initial consultation. We can help protect your rights so that you can achieve the outcome you desire.

Paternal Rights

Florida’s family law believes that both parents, whether they are married or not, should share an equally emotional, financial, and custodial interest in raising their minor child or children. However, the first step for an unwed biological father to claim parental rights is to establish paternity. Once paternity is established, the court will require both parents to agree on a timesharing (visitation) plan. Therefore, when you hire Foster Law, we will petition the court on your behalf to order DNA testing to establish paternity, claim your parental rights, and develop a parenting plan and timesharing agreement for court approval.

Parenting Plans

During a divorce or after establishing paternity, Florida Statute, section 61.13(2)(c), requires both parents to complete and submit a parenting plan for court approval. A parenting plan is a legal agreement that defines the roles, responsibilities, and visitation (timesharing) for their minor child. In addition, the parenting plan will determine which parent has primary and secondary custody. A court-approved parenting plan is a legal document that cannot be changed without filing a petition for a 'Modification of Court Order'.

If you need legal advice for divorce, paternity, parenting plans, modification of court orders, or any other legal matter, contact us at (386) 734-8224 to speak with an experienced family law attorney serving Deltona, FL, today!

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