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Attorney Robert R. Foster is a highly experienced and well-respected civil litigation attorney based out of DeLand, FL. We represent individuals, partnerships, and corporations throughout Volusia County, who are plaintiffs or defendants of business lawsuits, discrimination lawsuits, mortgage foreclosures, tenant evictions, and other general legal matters. Our objective is to help our clients achieve the most desirable and cost-effective outcome. In many cases, we can help our clients settle disputes without court.

Business Lawsuits

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 43 percent of small businesses stated they had been sued or threatened with a lawsuit. The longer you're in business, the greater your chance of being involved in a business lawsuit at some point. Some of the most common business lawsuits filed today are a breach of contract, auto accidents, slips and falls, discrimination, and on-premises liability. Our law firm provides clients with practical legal advice and concrete strategies for resolving their situation, including business litigation, when necessary.

Discrimination Lawsuits

Lawsuits alleging discrimination against employees or customers are among the most common civil suits involving litigation today. Unfortunately, it can also be very costly to a business. Based on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) data, the average out-of-court settlement is $40,000, and ten percent of wrongful termination judgments exceed $1 million. If you are a party to a discrimination lawsuit in Volusia County or need legal advice for filing a discrimination case, contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation with a civil litigation attorney. Our firm will work vigorously to defend your legal rights.

Mortgage Foreclosures

We provide expert legal advice and representation for borrowers and lenders on mortgage foreclosures and whether litigation may be necessary. There are strict Federal and State laws that govern the foreclosure process, especially when the property is tenant-occupied. Failure to understand the various statutes and remedies required before a mortgage foreclosure can be filed can result in a stay or dismissal of your action, further delaying the adjudication of your civil foreclosure lawsuit.

Tenant Evictions

Like mortgage foreclosures, certain legal conditions must be met before a landlord can proceed with a tenant eviction. Whether you are a landlord trying to evict a tenant or a tenant facing an eviction proceeding, our experienced civil litigation attorney will protect your rights to achieve the most desirable outcome.

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