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Estate planning is an essential part of a sound financial plan. You can’t predict the future, but with our range of estate planning services from simple wills to family trusts, you can be prepared should the unexpected arise. It’s never too early to plan for the future. Take the first step and call us today to schedule an estate planning consultation. We server clients throughout Volusia County, including DeLand, DeBary, Deltona, Orange City and Lake Helen, FL.

Estate Administration

We work closely with personal representatives to assist them in performing their legal and fiduciary duties of managing the administration of an estate and minimizing the estate’s tax liabilities.  Our estate administration services include defending wills and trusts and resolving disputes from creditors and other claimants, to name a few.

Simple and Complex Wills

We help individuals prepare a will to ensure their final wishes are carried out upon their death. Preparing a will is an important step in the estate planning process.  We believe everyone should have a will, because without one the state will decide custody of minor children, distribution of assets and make other important decisions on your behalf. We can also help individuals modify existing wills and codicils.

Living Wills (Advance Directive)

A living will is not an estate planning tool, but is an advance directive that gives individuals the ability to determine their end of life desires should they become incapacitated and unable to give consent. It removes the heavy burden on family members from having to make these types of difficult decisions.

Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

Trusts are a popular estate planning tool helping individuals maintain more control over their financial future, reduce their tax liability and avoid a lengthy and costly probate upon death.  We can help you decide whether a trust is right for you and provide trust management to ensure it complies with tax laws.

Family Limited Partnerships (FLP)

If you have accumulated a significant amount of wealth, investments and/or have a family business that your children will inherit, a family limited partnership (FLP) may be an appropriate financial vehicle for your family and provide even greater tax benefits than trusts and corporations.

Our estate planning services will help you enjoy financial freedom today, while preparing for the future. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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