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Why You Need a Business Law Attorney

Whether you are planning to start a business in DeLand, FL, or you are currently operating one, you will need the services of a business law attorney. For more than four decades, Foster Law has been providing local business owners with smart legal advice. Our services include business incorporation, partnership formation, employment contracts, breach of contract, and business dissolution. We serve current and future business owners in DeBary, Deltona, Orange City, and throughout Volusia County, FL.

Business Formation

When planning to start a business, many entrepreneurs wonder what type of business legal entity they should choose. It is an essential step when starting a new company or partnership. Is it better to form an LLC, S-Corp, Partnership, or another type of entity? Each entity has its legal, tax, and reporting requirements. An experienced business law attorney like Attorney Robert Foster can help you decide the type of business formation that would be most advantageous for your business. In addition to providing expert legal advice and answering our client's questions, we can complete all the necessary documents and filing requirements in our DeLand office.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts define the duties and responsibilities of employees. However, a poorly written and executed contract can leave the door open to a wrongful termination lawsuit putting the future of your business at risk. An experienced business law attorney can create a solid employment contract that leaves out any ambiguities that will protect your business in the event a dispute arises.

Business Dissolution

When a limited liability company or corporation is planning to cease operations, a business dissolution legally dissolves the entity. It is the correct way to end a business. The business will no longer be able to incur debts legally, and it ends its obligation for tax and document reporting requirements.

If you are a new business owner, or you plan on starting a new business, and you need advise from an experienced business law attorney on the type of business entity to form, contact the Law Office of Robert R. Foster at (386) 734-8224 for a consultation today!

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