Hiring a Probate Attorney in DeBary, FL

As an experienced probate attorney serving the DeBary, FL community, my practice provides a number of important estate planning and probate services to clients. Upon the death of an individual in Florida, the settlement of the affairs of the decedent’s estate, such as paying bills and the sale and distribution of real and financial property, are often handled through the probate process under the administration of the assigned personal representative (known as an executor in some states).

Due to the complexities of Family law and the fiduciary responsibilities that personal representatives must adhere to it is advisable to consult with an experienced probate attorney as soon as possible. And if the decedent passed away without leaving a will, a probate lawyer is essential for protecting the rights of the estate as well as any living heirs and beneficiaries. 

Just because there is a will doesn’t mean that all will go according to plan. A will could be challenged in court for a variety of reasons, such as heirs that were not named in the will, but are claiming a portion of the estate. There are also cases in which wills are challenged when an heir believes the decedent was pressured into changing their will.

In addition to providing representation during the probate process, we also help our clients with estate planning. When individuals hear the term estate planning, they often have the misconception that it is something that will only benefit wealthy individuals. But the fact is that anyone with assets like a house, car, stocks or bank account, can benefit from an estate planning lawyer. In fact, with proper estate planning, we can help our clients distribute their assets to heirs and beneficiaries upon death without going through probate, in many cases.

We encourage families and individuals to schedule an appointment to speak with an estate planning attorney. We can help you draft a simple will so that in the event of your death, your wishes will be carried out. We will also discuss other financial tools that are available, some of which may even provide some tax advantages. As your financial needs change and your family grows, we’re available to answer your Family law questions and make the necessary modifications to your estate planning needs.

To consult with a probate attorney in DeBary, FL, contact us at 386-734-8224 to schedule a consultation today!

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