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While our law firm does civil work primarily, we do have experience and ability in criminal law. We have defended in all sorts of criminal actions including domestic violence, burglary, DUI, DUI manslaughter, violation of ordinances, trespass, theft, vehicular theft, drug possession and sale, assault and battery, sex crimes and, fraud. We have prevailed through negotiation with the state attorneys, various motions, jury selection, limitation of evidence, bench trials and trials before juries.  We do not ask whether you have committed the offense charged. We do not care. If we are unable to negotiate a resolution of your case with the state, a resolution acceptable to you in the circumstances, we will proceed to trial.

We work hard to protect your rights.

Robert R. Foster, Attorney at Law, has more than four decades of experience providing sound legal advice and representation for clients facing criminal charges.  Our Law Firm uses every legitimate means available to build our case whether it be discovery, investigation or motions. Our job is to ensure that the state can and does prove its case against you while complying with all the rules and protecting your constitutional rights; to ensure you have a full and fair trial.  We represent you with the same intensity whether you are charged with violation of a county ordinance or a felony. We view each case as important as any other because it is your case, and you expect our best and we give you that.

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